bindu srinivasan

Managing Director

Bindu Srinivasan with a Masters Degree in Communication has been in the advertsing business for over 25 years of which 20 years have been in the GCC regions. She is currentl the Managing Director and Partner at Orangerie and is responsible for bringing together a team of advertising professionals in starting Orangerie Advertising. She spearheads business development and growth, manages a varied client base as well as steers strategic and creative work to get effective results.

Over the years in the industry she has worked on a large number of multinational, regional and local brands and has a good understanding of the region’s business as she has seen it evolve from its nascent phase to its present form competing with the world’s best.

Some of the key brands managed prior to Orangerie include MashreqBank, The Americana Group (KFC, Hardee’s. Pizza Hut), Intercontinental Hotels, Middle East, Le Meridien Middle East, Taj Mahal Safcol Seafood, and Fishermen’s Friend.